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     The company is located in "China's textile base," the well-known both at home and abroad in Nantong, Jiangsu Province. Strategic location, easily accessible. Culture has a large number of high-quality, well-trained and skilled technical personnel and has extensive experience in marketing cadres market. Since its creation more than 10 companies, good governance, sound operation, maintained a sustained rapid and healthy development momentum, and economic benefits increased year by year.
     Companies "people-oriented", to "elite running enterprises," the concept of community-Lan Bo letter clustering of professionals. Uphold like-minded, to Germany for the first, the person Zhiyong, is the only give employment standards, adhere to the "bigger, stronger, so it is" the development of strategic goals, relying on products rich in good quality and low price advantage, And modern technology and customer service in the area of the core competitive edge, in light of its own resources and features integrated market value chain, set up with many providers of strategic cooperation partnership.
     "Baigezhengliu, keep falling behind," the road of development in the future, people will continue to Bo letter "high-grade, highly efficient, high-speed, high-precision, high-tech content," as diligently pursue the objective of sustained constantly seek to "Customer satisfaction is our work standards," the concept of service and dedication to provide our clients with quality products and services. "Give me a chance, you a satisfaction" is our consistent pursuit of, let us meet the letter Bo and common development.

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